Top Ten World Most Expensive Fruits Japan Expensive Fruits

Top Ten World Most Expensive Fruits Japan Expensive Fruits


Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits in The World

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                    This Is The List Of Top Ten Expensive Fruits In The World. Some Of It Specially Grows In Japan And Other Grows In Different Places But They Mostly Copy To Japan. There Is A Huge Respect In Agriculture Fields.
                   Everyone Like To Eat Different Types Of Fruits. Because In Fruits There Are Many Vitamins Which Help To Make Man Perfect. Many Of Them Available In Low Prices But In Our World There Is A List Of Most Expensive Fruits Their Price Talk To Sky. So Today We Are Going To Show You

Most Expensive Fruits In The World.

10-Sekai-Ichi Apple

                  Sekai-Ichi Is A Japan Company Which Run Business Since 1960. In The Important Products, Sekai-Ichi Apple Is A Most Expensive Product. Just One Apple Price Is $21. You Can Imagine This Is The Real Meaning Of Expensive.
Why It’s So Expensive.
Because It’s Have A Wonderful Quality And Heavy Weight. Every Sekai-Ichi-Apple Weight Is 900 g Which Is Too High For The Normal Apple. And This One Apple Whole Family Can Eat In Easily.

09-Ruby Roman Grapes

              In The List Of Most Expensive Fruits, Ruby Roman Grapes Have The 9th Number In This List. And The Price Is $6,400. This Also Grows In Japan. It’s Also Called Table Grapes. It’s Use To Made A Wine. Each Grape Was About The Size Of A Ping-Pong Ball And Since There Were 25 In The Bunch, Cost About $255.

08-Strawberries Arnaud

              This Also Called Perfect Straw Berried. And It’s Sold Out With The Dozen And The Price Of The One Dozen Is $3.95 Million. It’s Expensive Because It’s Have Same Color, Weight And Shape. And They Pack By Their Hand After The Find Out.

07-Square Watermelon

              Square Watermelon Sold Out In $200. It Also Grows In Japan Especially For The Decoration. It Is Most Expensive Due To Their Shape And Color.

06-Tianoug Tamago Mangoes

              It Also Called Sun Eggs “Egg Of The Sun“. And They Sold Twice. And The Price Of Pair Of $3000. It Also Grows In Japan. It’s Expensive Because There Is No Sugar In It.

05-Gold Bar Shaped Watermelon

               Gold Bar Shaped Watermelon First Time Grows In The Vat, They Grows Due To Celebrate New Year Festival. Then Their Former Sold Out In Huge Price.  And The Price Is $75.

04-Buddha Shaped Pear

               Buddha Shaped Pear Grows In China As Their Names “Buddha Shaped” As It Grows. And The Price Of This Is Pear Is $9.

03-Car-Shaped Watermelon 

               In The List Of Top 10 Expensive Fruits In The List Car Shaped Watermelon Has 4th Number In This List. Any One Never Like Eat Car But Vat People Like To Eat Car That’s Why They Grow A In The Car Shaped. And The Price Is $80. It’s Better To Buy A Car To Eat Watermelon.

02-Densuke Watermelon 

               Densuke Watermelon Price Is $121. It Expensive Due To Their Taste. It Grows In Japan. It Too Rare Watermelon And Just One Hundred Piece Grow Yearly.

 01-Northern Territory Mangoes

               It’s Shaped Like A Normal Mangoes And It’s Grows In Australia. You Can Easily Buy In Normal Price In Any Super Shop And Fruit Shop In Australia. But We Count In The First Number Because In 2012 Their 12 Piece Sold In The Price Of $50,000.
This Is The List Of Ten Most Expensive Fruits In The World

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