10 Forever Romantic Christmas Movies

10 Forever Romantic Christmas Movies - Top 10 Updated

The holidays are the ideal time to hug and kiss the person you care about the most and watch romantic Christmas movies together! Prepare the popcorn and hot chocolate because it’s the perfect season for curling up with your favorite foods and watching Christmas movies. It’s practically the ideal Christmas date!

Even if you are currently single, the Christmas season is the ideal time to watch sentimental romantic movies alone or with your besties! Whether an old-school classic or something a bit more current is your notion of the perfect romantic Christmas movie, there will be plenty of romantic Christmas movies on our list for you to select from!

You can watch romantic Christmas movies on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV, so no matter where you want to watch, we’ve got you covered!


With Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in the ensemble, there’s singing, dancing, and plenty of stunning Christmas sequences set in the imaginary Vermont hamlet where the gang spends the holidays.


It’s a Wonderful Life is at the top of most lists of greatest romantic Christmas movies for good reason; the love story between James Stewart and Donna Reed never goes out of fashion.


This black and white Christmas film from 1945 is a classic early Hollywood romance that begins with the proper amount of deceit to set the stage for antics aplenty as the two love interests fall for one other, all set in lovely Connecticut over the holiday season. It also stars the wonderful Barbara Stanwyk!


Melissa Gilbert stars as a single mother who falls for a man who was sent to downsize workers at the local factory; their blossoming romance changes many lives.


Yes, the Sandra Bullock/Bill Pullman romance is set around the Christmas season and includes a coma and duplicity. What’s not to love about this romantic Christmas comedy from the 1990s? It has all the wonderful rom-com cliches and then some, as well as some hilarious Christmas family hilarity.


Ahh yes, the Sandra Bullock/Bill Pullman romance that takes place over the Christmas season and involves a coma and deception. It’s all the great rom-com tropes and then some, plus some great Christmas family hijinks; what’s not to love about this romantic Christmas movie from the 90s?


This adaptation of the 1940s film The Bishop’s Wife stars Denzel Washington as an angel sent to earth to rescue the pastor who falls for his fascinating wife, played by Whitney Houston. This Christmas love movie, starring Denzel and Whitney in their 90s heyday, is a perfect addition to your list of movies to watch this holiday season.


This witty Christmas rom-com stars John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale as a couple who had a lovely Christmas Eve after a charming meet-cute, only to test fate to see whether serendipity would bring them back together. We get to see if fate comes through ten years later!


This classic Christmas rom-com stars a 2001 Renee Zellweger in a typical love triangle in London around the holidays. This smart Christmas romance, starring Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, provides plenty of laughter as we follow Bridget Jones’ road to love.


Another early 2000s Christmas romance set in London, the star-studded cast includes heavy hitters such as Laura Linney, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, and Keira Knightley, all of whom come together to showcase the various love stories of their characters during the holiday season. This Christmas rom-com is amazing!

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