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Deadliest Most Dangerous Sport

A Good Brain is in a Good Body. And for the healthy body and healthy brain exercise play a significant act in our life. Sports is a very best and easy way for training. There are many kinds of games. In these games, Football is a favorite sport in the world which have 3.5 Billion fans, And Cricket has 2.5 Billion fans, And Hockey has Hockey 2 Billion fans around the world.
These favorite games and these games player do a useful exercise. Besides that for these games, there is a list of dangerous sports. In these tournaments, many people die.

 Are you know?

          Today we are going to tell you Most Dangerous games on the earth.


BMX or Bicycle motocross Sport Is a Most Dangerous Sports In the World. Bicycle Motorcross is famous as BMX. This is very papular games for this purpose one need Bicycle especially bikes which known BMX. This is a racing sport with a lot of off-shoots. This games member perform an analysis of acrobatics.

2-Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing has the 2nd number in the list of Dangerous sports. Everyone can imagine, a man how many difficulties face climbing up the mountain. Every Step of this game is dangerous and risky. A man can die with a single wrong step. In this game, A climber receives various physical tortures he can face twisted ankles, sprained muscles, broken bones, torn ligaments, And back injury And sometimes he faces death.

3-Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle Racing has the 3rd number in the list of Most Dangerous Sports. Motorcycle Racing game is a perilous game in the world. In this game, more than 220 people have died. The bike driver manages his balance. If he makes a single mistake to maintain his balance, he can die.

4-Bull Riding

Top Ten Deadliest Mainstream Sports

Bull Riding is another dangerous game which has the 4rth number on this list. In this game, a rider requires a large bull and in many difficulties, he wants to stay atop the bull. This game considers a favorite match which ready to face a pain and testosterone level. The bull which has 1800 pounds weight. When it falls, the rider can face many difficulties. But many people consider this as an art. Bull riding is a rodeo sport. A man can quickly fall by the Large Bull. And in this game, the death is not rare.

5-Street Luge

In the list of Most Dangerous Sports Street Luge has the 5th number on this list. Street Luge is like skateboarding. In this game, Participants need protective leather and helmets. In this game, just feet use a break. If he can’t handle feet at a time, he can die. And he can make a collision on the road he can destroy vehicles. In short, this is a dangerous game. And a lot of people play this.

6-Cave Diving

Cave diving is another Dangerous Sport which has the 6th number on this list. In this game, a man dives in the caves full of the water. This support needs different kinds of equipment and other materials.

7-Big Wave Surfing

World’s Most Dangerous Sports

In the list of Dangerous Sports, Big Wave Surfing has the 7th number on this list. This is another dangerous game which plays around the world. In this game, the surfing maestros paddle waves at least the height of 20 foot. In this match who waves at the height of 100 foot, he wins $100,000 as a prize.

8-BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping has the 8th number in the list of Most Dangerous Sports in the world.  Base Jumping is known as parachuting. This game is very famous among the youngest. In this game, they throw themselves with the fixed points of the highest mountain. A Man walks into the wind. Wind touches your face and hair this show how much danger this game.

9-White-Water Rafting

White-Water Rafting has the 9th number in the list of Most Dangerous Sports in the world. This is another dangerous Sports which play young people. Some people play this for fun and this is an outdoor activity, And this is the best game for enjoyment. The member of rafting wears a life jacket. In New Zealand, More Than 100,000 people have died each year.

10-Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving has 10th number In the list of Most Dangerous sports in the world. This game Seems Wonderful but its full with the danger. In this game, if a member goes 135 feet underwater he can face Oxygen Toxicity. Everyone Can imagine How many risks is in the sea. A Member of this sea meets these are problems. According to the report of 2006 which relaces in June 2007 more than 100,000 members have died per year in this game.

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