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Top 10 New Year Best & Famous Poems in the World

December is fading away,
There’s a New Year coming your way,
All frustration drowned
with the chill of cold air around
as the new year rise array,
Everybody say hip, hip hurray!
Do you Remember the things that made you laugh,
Cry like a calf?
Never forgot the luck you had the whole year,
If you didn’t have any, didn’t moan saying, ‘Oh Dear,’
Because there’s more to come in the New Year,
There comes Santa with Yummy goodies
for the sweet charming little buddies
Goodbye is what is said to this year, Expecting more to happen in the next year,
Have to fun everyone and
Happy New Year

Happy New Year Best Poem

 Happy New Year
If it didn’t bring you joy just leave it behind
Let’s ring in the new year
With good things in mind.
Let every bad memory
that brought heartache and pain
And let’s turn a new leaf
with the smell of new rain.
Let’s forget past mistakes
 making amends for this year
sending you these greetings
to bring you to hope and cheer
Happy New Year

Happy New Year Prayers

It’s a New Year
Let’s give a cheer
Send New Year Poems to pour us some wine
and maybe some beer
Get all your friends
Party till the day ends
Then the ball will drop
and the balloons will pop
It will be 2019
Give me a high five
another year passes
Through life’s glasses
Happy New Year!”

New Year Beautiful Poems

Happy New Year
As the world celebrates
with fireworks and cakes
I’m standing here alone far away from home
with nothing but a suitcase and memories
As the stars surround me like water
I raise my hands in full surrender
to God, My Redeemer
Lord, this year is far from ordinary
I’ve never seen such extraordinary
people, places and things
amazing human beings
searching for purpose, just like me.
Looking around, I wonder
Since a year is like crashing thunder
booming suddenly
Then vanishing instantly
why waste time uselessly?
The old year came and want
I hope your time was wisely spent
on helping other, working hard
Your life as truly great
And not just because of fate
So learn this lesson, but not from me!
Try it yourself and you will  see
Making a difference starts with one step
with one foot, then the next
So walk right now, into the light
and find yourself shining brightly
Don’t worry what people thin
Because right now you’re on the drink
of showing other what is true.
Happy New Year, From me to you.
Small Children New Year Poems
New Year Prayers Poem

Short Happy New Year Poem

As 2018 comes to close,
Here are a few words, of my own I choose,
Now Christmas has been and gone,
and so has my bank balance all in one,
Here’s to a new year, and the resolutions to make,
Now starts the bettings, on the first I will break
Is it the fags, the drinking or the food that makes me fatter,
might be all of them, In time, But it doesn’t matter,
“”>>All I can ask for is all that I’ve got,
The love of my issues, family, and that’s the lot;
Here’s the new year, hope it’s as good
Because I’m going to enjoy next year, Like I know I should;
It’s going to be ambitious, hard work and toil;
And I will be a success, so don’t try to spoil
I’ll be cloud nine and in heaven  It
 my dreams come true in 2019!’
Happy New Year Prayers>>

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Short New Year Poem for Friends
New Year
This night of all night is the year’s last.
All, all the other night are gone, are past.
After the evening. With is fading light,
put the lid on the hour and close it tight,
Close up your tiny eyes, close up the day,
Bid the old year Goodbye
and come away

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