Top Ten World Most Expensive Gold Best Royal weddings

Most Gorgeous Royal Wedding

            The wedding’s day is a beautiful and essential and delighted day in our life. Everyone wants to make this memorable day. For this day Some people work hard and submit money for this precious day.  It is a very costly day Because People want to make this day to expensive day So, they give attention to all of the things which need for this day.
            Everyone tries to spend money on his budget. But you cannot compare own marriage investment with royal weddings investments. Royal families spent a lot of money on their marriages. So Today,  am going to show you Most expensive weddings in the world.

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Here Is the List of Most Expensive weddings in the world.


10-Elizabeth Hurley And Arun Nayar

Top Ten World Most Expensive Gold Best Royal weddings

 Prominent World Weddings

           The wedding of Elizabeth Hurley and his wife Arun Naya has 10th number in the list of expensive weddings. He is a famous businessman. He Married 2007 in the Royal Palace of Europe. And others ceremonies celebrated in the Jodhpur. And Their marriage continued for eight days. They arranged helicopters for guests. And for this purpose, they spend 3 lakh dollar. And For the New couple, he buys a hotel room. Which rent is 10 lakh dollar for one night? They pay 2.5 million dollars in their marriage.

9-Paul McCartney And Heather Mills

            The famous songwriter Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills have a 9th number in the list of most expensive weddings in the world. They married the Indians style. They married in 2002 in the Irland. They also invited Indian dancer in married. They spend 1 Lakh 46,000 Dollars in just for flowers. And they pay 1 Lakh 50,000 amount for Fireworks. And they spend the total amount on their marriage $3 Million.

8-Elizabeth Taylor And Larry Fortensky

         In the 8th number is a daughter of Michael Jackson. She married Larry Fortensky. He is a great contractor. They married in 1991. And all Hollywood actors invite In this wed. They spend 4 Million Dollar in this marriage. According to 1991 4 million is a vast amount.

7-Liza Minnelli and David Gest

           The 7th number is a Hollywood Actress. She married the Music producer. This is another beautiful marriage because it’s also full of Hollywood celebrates. They spend 8 Lakh Dollars just for cack and flowers. They are a Memorable marriage because of its completion of actors. And They pay the total amount of this union is 4.2 million dollars.

6-Chelsea Clinton And Marc Mezvinsky

 World’s Most Expensive Weddings

        In the list of Expensive married, six number is the marriage of Chelsea Clinton. She is President Bill Clinton, the daughter. She Married With Marc Mezvinsky. He is a Banker. They married in 2010 this is another essential marriage.  Spend 6 Lakh dollars just for air condenser and tents. And spend 11000$ for large wedding cack which made with different colors. And all things covered with white flowers. And spend  5 Million Dollars.

5-Wayne Rooney And Coleen McLoughlin

          Married Of Wayne Rooney has five number in the expensive married list. He is a Footballer. His wife name is Coleen McLoughlin. This is a love marriage because they love each other in the 16 years old and at last, they married in 2008. The wedding, they stuck the 70 guests in the massive ship. Which price is 1000,20 Million dollars. And then, they celebrate with the guest in expensives hotels, and later this couple married in Italy. And they spend 8 Million dollars in the marriage.

4-Prince William And Kate Middleton

          In the 4th number, is a wedding of Royal couple Prince William And his wife name is Kate Middleton, And they married in 2011. This is another excellent marriage because this wedding was seen on all TV channels. And in this marriage, there was almost 1900 guest, and nearly spent 8 lakh dollars in decorations and flowers And was paid 80,000 dollars in wedding cack. In this royal marriage has spent 34 million dollars. This is an Expensive Royal wedding.

3-Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatia

          Lakshmi Mittal daughter, Vanisha Mittal marriage In the list of most expensive weddings in the world have the 3rd number in this list. Lakshmi Mittal, he is the wealthiest man in the world. Her marriage card was beautifully made with the solid Silver. And its wedding continued till five days and guest celebrated this marriage in different hotels. And The total amount of this wedding was 66 million dollar.

2-Prince Charles & Diana Spencer

           The marriage of Prince Charles & Diana Spencer was a second expensive wedding in the world. In this marriage, there was 3500 guest, and the wedding also was seen on TV. Diana wedding dress designed with expensive Pebble. She wore a costly Ring which was made with the 14 diamonds. And her marriage celebrated with 27 cack which was built in 14 weeks. This is Expensive Royal marriage and in this marriage spent 10010million dollars.

Most Gorgeous Royal Wedding

1-Prince Abdul Malik & Dayangku Raabi’atul ‘Adawiyyah

         Prince Abdul Malik is the son of  Sultan Brunei. Brunei Sultan Son’s wedding is the most expensive wedding in the world.  Her wedding dress was designed with diamonds. In this marriage, there are invited more than 6,000  guests around the world. This is an expensive wedding and Also called a Gold wedding. This union held in 2015. This marriage was continued until 11 days. This is another expensive royal wedding.

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