Top Ten Worldwide Interview Questions Answers Best Questions Answers

Top Ten Worldwide Interview Questions Answers Best Questions Answers

How To Answer Ten Common Interview Questions

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Popular Interview Questions Answers

                                      Top Ten Worldwide Interview Questions Answers Best Questions Answers, Today we are going to talk about Interview Questions and Answers which commonly asked in Interview. These Questions is very important in every type of job. The interview is showing your personality. Interview Panel observes your confidence your Different views about things. The interview is a basic thing for job So Today we are going to discuss 10 Basic Questions and Their Answers.

1-Tell Me about Yourself?

                                      When Interview is starting they ask First Question about You.
  1. First of all, You Need to Start with your Name
  2. Then Give Your Residence Information.
  3. Then, tell them about Your Education in Short.
  4. If you have any Job experience then Explain it.
  5. At the end tell us Family details in Short Wording.


My Name is Rida Naaz and I Live in Pakistan. I have done M.Phil in Punjab University. I have 2 Years Experience in College as physics Lecturer. I live in Home with My Mom Dad and 4 Brother and Sister.

2-Tell Why Do You Want to Work at our Company?

                                      This is the Second common Question which Interview panels ask in an interview. This is very important questions because due to this answer, of this question, you can inspire the Interview Panel. How you can answer this question we are going to tell you.
  1. First of all, tell them what you like about this Company.
  2. Then explain your long-term career goals in short.


Sir, it is a great opportunity for everyone to work in your reputed Company. When I read add about your company. Then I found that my skills are matching with your requirements. This is a great chance for me for where I can show my skills to contribute to the Company growth.

3-What are your Strengths? Or what are your Qualities?

                                     This is another High ranking Questions which ask in Interview. In this question, you tell about your qualities and skills.

  1. Adaptability.
  2. Hard Working
  3. Honest
  4.  Flexibility
  5.  Optimistic
  6.  Fast Decision-Making
  7. Persistence
  8. Self Motivated

                                     Adaptability is an option which you can tell them that you can adjust in any environment. Every Company requires a Hard Working Employee this is another option which you can tell them. Honest and Flexibility is another option.


                                     I am an honest man/woman, I’m a hardworking girl and motivated with a positive attitude towards my career and my life.

4-What are your Weaknesses?

                                     These options you can tell them.


  1. Straightforward
  2. Inpatient
  3. Sensitive
  4. More talkative
  5. Trust people very quickly
  6. I can’t say no when someone asks for help
  7. Take decisions very quickly
  8. Gets nervous when talking to the stranger
  9. To speak lie is different for me
  10. I’m a bit lazy about which I am not interested


Sir, I’m a little bit lazy in some things and these are my weakness like I can’t say when someone asks for help. I can’t lie in any situation.

5-Why We Hire You?

  1. First of all, Share your knowledge
  2. Then explain Skills related to job
  3. Then tell them Work Experienced
  4. At the end tell them your career goals


If you are fresher then tell

Sir, I’m a fresher, I have no experience but I have theoretical knowledge. I’m a very hardworking and I can do hard work for your Company and defiantly it is Best for my next career.

If you have experience then tell them

Sir, I am an experienced person I’m already working in other organization. I can share my experience to grow your Company.

 How to answer, Top Ten most common interview questions 

6-What you know about This Company?

                                     This is a very important Question. In this question, the Interview Panel want to know how many things you know about this Company. If you answer other these questions and you never tell them about this company so there is nothing for you.
  1. First of all Names of their Owners must need to tell them
  2. Study about the Company which you read
  3. Tell them about the background projects which you did and want to work in future
  4. Tell them about their Issues which Company faces


Sir, it is the very largest and fastest growing Company. The owner of this Company is very honorable and work environment is very good. People feel proud to start a career in this Company. The company provides full support to their employees. This is a good opportunity to show my talent.

7-Why are you looking for a job?


  1. Thanks to a Previous organization.
  2. Tell them what you learn from the past job
  3. Explain the reason for a job change
  4. Then tell Relate to career goals


Sir, First of all, I will thanks to my previous Company Because I have learned many things from there. According to my changes, it is necessary for everyone to enhance your skills your knowledge for personal growth and financial growth. And for this purpose, your organization is a wonderful platform for me here I can learn more.

8-What is your require Salary?

                                     Salary is the Main purpose due to the salary you are doing the job. Everyone wants a high salary. How can you do this answer here is the example.


  1. If you are a freshman then never share your Salary requirements.
  2. If you have experience then you can share their expected Salary.
  3. You need always say as per the company norms for the job.


For Fresher,

Sir, I’m a fresher I want to learn first I want to improve my knowledge and skills. This is the largest platform for me to start a career. So Salary is not the first priority for me. Sir, I expect a considerable salary according to my education and ability and your company norms which will fulfill my economical needs.

For Experienced,

Sir, I have 5 years Experience in College Fields and my previous salary is 1050$. Still, I am expecting a salary as company’s norms as per my designation, my education, and experience which can help me to maintain the standard or level of my personal and economic needs.

9-What are your career goals?

  1. Long terms goals
  2. Short terms goals


Sir, my first goal is to get a job in a well-reputed company where I can spend and utilize my skills and improve my career. And my Long-term goals are to be in the respectable position in that organization.

10-Do you have Any Questions to Ask Me?

                                     This is a Final Question of your interview. You can answer this question.
  1. Express Thanks
  2. Structure of Salary
  3. Timings of Job
  4. Job Location
  5. Overtime & Allowance
  6. Training Period
  7. Transport Facility



Sir, First of all, thanks a lot for giving this opportunity, I would like to know about job timing, Transport facilities and over time & other allowances. I also want to know what will be the job location of this job and salary scale for this job in your Company?

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