How To Update Facebook Profile Picture Without Notify, Anyone


Update Facebook Profile Picture Without Notify Anyone

                      Today Is a Social media era. Everyone Know About Social Media. In Social Media, There Is Too Much Power. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc these are popular social media. Billions of People Use Facebook And Publish Pictures And Share Our Memories.
                      But When We Change Our Profile Picture and update your status it will be visible for your friends News Feed. This Is So Bad. No One Want To Like That on every occasion Facebook Share Your Memories among the others. But How Can You Stop This? Today We Are Here With this Solution.
                      Many people’s update profile pictures because they want to show on his friend’s timeline. Facebook Provide Some Settings for Hiding some things For Your Friends and Public.  Here Is One

How You Hide Completely Your Facebook Friend List.

                     Actually, there is no Basic Setting to Update Your Profile Picture without Visible Anyone. But There Is A tips Or Tricks to Hide Notification from Your Friends. When We Change Our Profile Pictures This Type Notification Show On Your Friends Timeline.

How To Update Facebook Profile Picture without Notification To Your Friends

                      Change Your Profile Picture As You Change In Normal Routine. Open Profile Picture Update and Choose Your picture Select And Cropping And Save. After Update or Change Your Picture You Will See An Option Stop Notification in the Right Side.  This Stop Notification Will Be Stop Only You Getting Notification From Your Picture.

How To Make Facebook Profile Picture Private


                       Then After Changing Your Picture Go Immediately on Your View Activity or Your Timeline. You, Will, See the Profile Picture Changing Post on Your Timeline Then drop down on the top of the post At the Right Side and Then Select Hide from Timeline Option. Your Profile Picture Will Be Hiding From Your Friends And Your Timeline.
                        But When Your Friends Will Open Your Profile They Can See Your Profile Have Been Changes They Can Like And Also Do Comment And They Can Share. You Can Hide Your Profile Picture by Making Private.
                         If You Want To Make Private Your Picture Then After changing your profile picture open or view your picture and click on Drop down the Public Or Friend Option And Choose Option Only Me. You Can Choose Custom Option Also.



                      With This Same Method You Can Stop Notification and make private your posts, pictures and status and Your can also stop notification from Your Cover Photo But You Cannot Make Private Your Cover Photo. 

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