Top Ten Amazing Facts About Asia Worldwide Asian Facts

                      Everyone knows About Asia. Asia is the World’s Powerful and largest and also most populous continent. Asia includes in 50 independent countries. In this Article, we will show you world Top 10 Wonderful and amazing Facts about ASIA.


                        The real name of the Philippines is a republic of the Philippines. It contains almost 7641 islands in South East Asia. And the area of this country is 300000 Square km. In the Populations, The Philippines have a 12th number in the world and 8th number in Asia.
                           This is the new technology world. Everyone Have a Computer, Laptop, and Modern Android Smart Phones. In Social Media and in other services, we send a lot of messages in a day. But are you know? Which country Have the First number in sending messages in per second.  Yes,

Philippines Interesting Facts

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                           Philippines are the No.1 Sending SMS. They thought it is a popular and easiest way to communicate and around about 400 million SMS is being sent daily.
                                  Philippines citizen Speak English More than Others Countries. This is the 3rd Largest English Speaking Country.
                                  The Philippines contains around about 7641 islands.


                                  Japan is also known with the name King of Technology. In the population, Japan is the 10th number in the World.

Japan Secret Facts in the World

3: Japan Facts

                                   Japan People’s life lives a Long Time and their man average age is 81 years. And Women average is 88 years.  And there Almost 65% People is 25 plus Year

4: Japam Facts

                                   Japan is also known with their Amazing inventions. Japan made sketch doll for Loneliness. This sketch seems like a real girl.

5: Tokyo Facts

                                   Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. Tokyo is Number One Populated City in the World. There are almost 33 billion people live. And this is a Second Most Expensive City in the World.

6: Japan Facts

                                     In Japan, there is 3000 plus a mcdoner restaurant. Japan is the second number in the world more than a restaurant.
                                     Japan is also famous in the world’s most wonderful weird customs and laws.


                                     China is the Largest Third Country in the World. And the area of this is 5,026km but China has just one time Zone.  China Display in the world zone in 1945. Pakistan is the First country which accepts china.

China Interesting Facts In the World

8:  Whole Sharks And Crocodiles Sale

                                      China is also famous with their strangest things. In the whole country, there is not allowed to sell the Sharks and Crocodiles they want to safe. But in China, There is Allowed to the sale and they sell whole Sharks and crocodiles.

9: Police Dogs Replaced with Geese Animals

                                      In the all country and everyone thought that with the security Dog is a best and faithful Animal in the world and Police also used a dog to catch a thief. But China Police replaced dogs with geese animals. They think an animal has more than dog ability. They specially train geese for these purposes.

10: Traffic Jam Problems

                                      In the population, China has one number in the world. And they have 1.386 billion Populations. Due to this Traffic jam, there is a common issue. But China has Traffic Jam Services. In this services, they give you two people one of them give you a Bike ride and other care of your car. 

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