Tesla Electric Car New Top Ten Best Cars

            The world has changed due to Technology. Technology introduced many latest and new inventions its have changed our life now new invention in the car technology introduced  Petrol’s car has gone now electric cars take place of them which can complete 215M Distance After the charge battery one time and its price Will be also low.

            Yes, its possible its announce the American billionaire Elon Musk he introduced new Model Of Tesla Car.

Tesla Electric Car,Tesla Electric Car New Top 10 Cars - Top 10 Updated
           Its Already Have done All Regulation Terms Its Owner Will Give 30 Cars On 28 July. In The August (100)Hundred And In September More 1500 Cars Production Will Be Complete And Its Production Will Be Complete 2 Million Number.

Top Ten Cars

           The Tesla Of Five Seat Has Not Dashboard While Its Will Be Computer Monitor And Its Show All Roads And You Can Control This Computer Via Touch Screen. This Company Will Be Made 5000 Cars In Every Weak And In The Next Year It Will Made 10000 Cars.

Elon Musk post on his twitter account  And he said Tesla Car Will be available in 35000$ and its production will be huge in number. Its price already low with others Tesla cars and due to the tax credit, its price will be more low its price will be 27500$ via a tax credit.

Tesla Electric Car,Tesla Electric Car New Top 10 Cars - Top 10 Updated

             He shares a picture of Tesla model 3 and said it will be Complete 215M Distances after charged battery One Time. It’s Excel Wonderful And it’s like a Sports Cars And It Can Run 0(Zero) to 60M In Just Six Seconds.

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