Top Ten Most World’s Expensive Mobile Phones


Top Ten Most World’s Expensive Mobile Phones

10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

        We Live In a Modern World And A modern man Want the latest and fastest technologies and they want to do everything by a machine. For This Purpose, they work day and night, and they introduced many powerful technologies which useable to help him. They think Computer Is The Best invention which can do a lot piece of work but Mobile Phones is Best  Technology which can do everything like the computer.
In the modern world, the mobile phone is a big requirement, And Mobile phones have a list of the lowest and largest price. So Today Am going to show you the top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world.

10-Vertu Signature Diamond

          Vertu Signature Diamond Is included in the top 10 expensive mobile phones. Its Made by a Vertu Signature Diamond and This company said that its process would complete by hand and it’s never complete by machines. Phones have good decorate by diamonds, and this company has made just only 200 mobile phones, and the price of this phone is 88,000$.

9-iPhone Princess Plus

       iPhone Princess Plus have a 9th number in the top 10 list of expensive mobiles phones its features not different with other iPhones, But It also decorated with diamonds which made the huge price of this phone And the famous designer Austria Peter Aloisson have designed this phone, and the price of this phone is  $176,400.

8-BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone

         The list of top 10 Most expensive mobile phones Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone have the 8th number in this list, And this phone introduced Sony Company, and the designer Jaren Goh have made this design. This phone has good screen result, and its decorate with two diamonds one of the back of the phone and other in the buttons of navigation and price of this phone is $300,000.

7-Vertu Signature Cobra

         Vertu Signature Cobra has a 7th most expensive mobile, And the French jeweler designed this phone and decorate by the two 439 rubies. And this mobile has a $500,000 price.

6-Gresson Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

       The list of mobile phones, Gresson Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot has six number in the world. This mobile has shown in Switzerland of 2005. And its made 180 grams just by gold and it’s Back has made Of African’s Backwoods which is 200 years old, And this backwoods expensive of the world  And Its buttons made by crystal And its price is one million dollars ($1 Millon).

5-Diamond Crypto Smartphones

       The Ranking of the mobile phone, Diamond Crypto Smartphones have five number, And  Peter Aloisson designed this phone who made luxury accessories. This phone has a total of 50 diamonds, and also ten rare blue diamonds And some of part of this phone made in rose gold And its price is $ 1.3 million.

4-GoldVish Le Million

         This phone introduced in Switzerland And its designed with the 18 karats white gold and 20 karats VVS1 diamond. And Emmanuel Gueit designed this phone, and this phone has $1.4  million price

3-iPhone 3G King’s Button

              Austria Peter Aloisson made this phone, and the iPhone 3G King’s Button has the third number in the expensive mobile phones list. 138 diamonds put in this phone which make huge price and 6.6 karats diamond fixed on the home button. And the price of this phone is $2.4 million.

2-Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G

     Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G is the second most expensive phone in the world Its Made by a 271 grams solid gold and have done 7.1 karats large diamonds on the home buttons And the price of this phone is $ 3,200,000.

1-Diamond Rose iPhone4

          Diamond Rose iPhone4 is The World Most Expensive Mobile Phone in the world This Introduced In The Rose Color, and It has 500 total diamonds, And In The Home Button Have 7.7 karats diamond And The price of this phone is $8 million.

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