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Top 10 Happy Merry Christmas Wishes Images

                                                               In the World every religion has events and there is a specific day to celebrate these days. These days celebrates happiness and worships. Easter or Christmas is a Christen even which celebrates in 25th December every year.  As We Know According to population Christen religion is in majority. That’s why Easter is a world #1 Religion Event. 
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                              In the memory of Yeshu Masih, Christmas is celebrated. Christen agree Yeshu Masih is a prophet. Muslims call with the name of Hazrat Essa R.A. some Christen accept that he is a Prophet of God But some think he is a God. Easter is a second Religion Festival. 
Merry Christmas To You

                         Santa Claus is a very interesting Character of Christmas, which appear in every Christmas. Christmas is nothing without Santa Claus. Santa Claus is an Old man. He comes in the night of 24th and In the Morning of 25th December. And he gives different gifts to children. Some Times he comes with different colors of the dress. Some time he wears red Coat, white collar, red Trouser and black Jacket. He Comes in Specific Location with Bag which fulls with different gifts.

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Merry Christmas
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