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                               Santa Claus
                                        Santa Claus is a very interesting Character of Christmas, which appear in every Christmas. Christmas is nothing without Santa Claus. Santa Claus is an Old man. He comes in the night of 24th and In the Morning of 25th December. And he gives different gifts to children. Some Times he comes with different colors of the dress. Some time he wears red Coat, white collar, red Trouser and black Jacket. He Comes in Specific Location with Bag which full’s with different gifts.
.                                        What is Santa Claus and why is so important at Christmas.
                                        The Famous Priest Saint Nicholas in the 4th century his habit was that he gives Gift to his wife, family, and children every Christmas. This is the tradition of Saint Nicholas. In 1823 the poem, “A visit from Saint Nicholas” is published. After this poem, everyone wants to become like a Santa Claus. Then in every Christmas One Santa Claus is come in Spec Place And hgivesve Gifts. Santa Claus is a person who divides gifts amount children in the night of Christmas.
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Happy Christmas Images

Santa Clause Merry Christmas

                                              Every child Write a letter to Santa and he reads and he replies and in the Christmas Night he meat every child and. In every Christmas Around, About 3 million cards sent. They also have placed in the name of Santa.

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                                      Santa Claus history is too old. Santa Claus actually is a character of Saint Nicholas who born 270 in rich Family. When he is near to adult, his parents gone, then he becomes the owner of his parent’s property. But he is a very Islamic lover. And he helps others. His one story is very famous.
                                       There are three daughters of one man but he is too poor. He has no money to marry for daughters. When Saint Nicholas knows that a man is very poor. Then he comes in midnight, and he helps him by the through a bag which full of diamonds. Then next time he again helps him.
                                       But when he dies in 6th December, a man divides gifts in children. Then Martin Luther gives opinion to celebrate this day in Christmas. That’s why some people thinks Santa Claus is due to Christmas
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