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Top 10 Happy Merry Christmas Images

                                       According to population Christen have popularity in the World. Due to this, you can say Christmas is a big and large festival in the world. Christmas event celebrates 25th December in every year with the birth of Yeshua Masih.
                                        The Important Character of Christmas Santa Claus, has an own location and list of every Good, bad and clever Children. He comes with his tradition dresses, bad specific location and he celebrates Christmas. On this occasion, his bag which has toying, Toffee, gifts, and other things divide among children according to list. He meets every child which name is in his list.
                                        Hi gives Toffee & sweets for good children but he divides coal among bad boys. He does this because they give lessons to bad boys. Santa Claus makes fun with children and he attends different functions. Santa Claus is not a real character. He copies this styles and character the great Pastor Saint Nicholas who died on 6 December 342. The great Pastor is live with the shape of Santa Claus.
                                       Till the 16th century in the United Kingdom, Santa Claus come in 6th December for the memories of Saint Nicholas. Then they decided to celebrate on 25th December at Christmas. Till 14th century Santa Claus comes and acts different Dangerous Character. Besides this, there is another tradition in Christen Children write different letters. Santa Claus has a great importance as Christmas Is Important without this Christmas is nothing.  
Happy Merry Christmas Images With Quotes

Happy Christmas Tree

Child Gift for Santa Clause Christmas

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Happy Christmas Image

Merry Christmas Pics

Santa Claus
                                        Santa Claus is a very interesting Character of Christmas, which appear in every Christmas. Christmas is nothing without Santa Claus. Santa Claus is an Old man. He comes in the night of 24th and In the Morning of 25th December. And he gives different gifts to children. Some Times he comes with different colors of the dress. Some time he wears red Coat, white collar, red Trouser and black Jacket. He Comes in Specific Location with Bag which full’s with different gifts.

Santa Clause Child Christmas

Happy Merry Christmas

Christmas Decoration Tree

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