Top 10 World strangest law

Top 10 World strangest law, There Are More Than 200 plus Countries In The World. Every country Have Its Own Laws. If You Want To Go Anywhere In The World, You Should Need to Read And Follow its Rules. Because If You didn’t Follow Their Laws And Break It By A Mistake, You Will Punished.
This Article, We Are Going To Show You Ten Crazy Laws In The World.

World Most Stranger Laws Country


Singapore Is one Country in The Beautiful And Well Development Countries. In Singapore, You can’t Eat Chewing Gum In Public Place. You Can Eat It Only his Home IF You Eat In Public Places, You Must give $1000 a fine. When People to Through  On The Road its Stick Out On Public Shoes. So Law Makers Ban It In Public Places.


In France, You Can Marriage With Dead People. France Is A Wonderful And Modern Country In The Beautiful Countries. It is France Law If Two Couple Want To Marriage But Unfortunately, Anyone Has Die So You Can Marriage With them.


In this List German have 3rd Number. German’s Road Which Famous As German Autobahn In Autobahn Roads You Can Drive Car 100-KM Per Hour. Highway Well And Modern Constructed Which Have No Speed Limit. You Can Drive Fast As You Want To Drive. But Its Important On Driving, Your’s Car Fuel not End. IF Your Vehicle Have End Fuel On This Road Your Driving License Can Be Cancelled For Six Months. And On This Highway, There Is Not Allowed To Run Walk

Top 10 Crazy Law In The World


Napoleon was  A Famous Prince Of France And You Must Hear About This. In France, It’s Illegal To Name A PIG  Napoleon.

5-Athens (Capital Of Greece)


Top 10 Crazy Law Around The World

In These List, Greece Have 5th Number In This List. It’s Illegal To Women To  Wear Heal Shoes On Greece Monument. They Thinking Due To High Heals Its Fear Of Monuments.


There Is Also Crazy Law In Canada. It’s Illegal in Noise You Cannot Sing A Song You Cannot Call Someone Shortly.

7-Venice (Italy)

Ten Crazy Laws Around The World

If You Have Interest into Feed the Pigeons So You Need To Thinking To Go In The Venice City Of Italy Because There Is Not Allowed To Feed The Pigeons.


Weird laws in the world

In The List Of ten Crazy Laws around The World Denmark Have 8th Number In This List. In This Country, It’s Illegal To Choose A Baby Name. You Must Need To Pick Out One Name In 7000 Name Which Shows On the Government Website. And If You Want To Choose Another Name You Need To Permission of Government.


10 Unusual laws from around the world

In Switzerland, There Is Illegal To Go Toilet After The 10 P.M. Switzerland Government Called Its Noise Pollution.


If We Talk About Stranger And Crazy Laws And if We Cannot Talk About North Korea it’s Not Possible. North Korea Have One Law Its Blue Jeans Not Allowed They Thinking It is A Symbol Of USA Government.

This Is The List Of

Crazy And Stranger Laws Around The World

Hope You Like It.

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