Top Ten Smallest Countries Beautiful Island Most Beautiful Islands

Top Ten Smallest Countries Beautiful Island Most Beautiful Islands

Smallest Countries beautiful island Most Beautiful island 

              There Are more than 194 Countries in the world where we living and we think the word world uses with a large number of people, but in 194 countries you know

which is the smallest country in the world?

Do You Know?

                 There are some countries which have more than the 400km square small area with the other land area countries, and the population does not reach to a half million. But These Small Countries with their own cultures and with their environment these countries have a different place in the world. This is the list of  World’s Beautiful Top 10 Smallest Countries.


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       Grenada is the country is the number of 10 in the smallest country this country has 344 square KM. This country is also famous in the name of “The Island of Spice”.this country favorite in the production of nutmeg and the production of mace crops.


Top Ten Smallest Countries Beautiful Island Most Beautiful Islands

              In The List of top 10 islands, this country has a 9 number of the world. And this is the Europe island, and the smallest state and this country have a 446,547 total population. And this country has 316 square km area. This is a beautiful country which has beautiful places to visit.

8-Maldives  300 Square KM

            The Maldives is one another island and smallest country which has the 8th number in the world. Its also known as a Maldives island And this country have more than 393,500 people. This country also knows as the smallest Asian country with the area and population.

7-Saint Kitts and Nevis  261 Square KM

              Saint Kitts and Nevis Is also the smallest country of the American islands This is the one colony of the west Indians colony, and this country is Contains in two islands. And this country has 51,538 total people

6-Liechtenstein 160 Square KM

            In the list of top 10 smallest island and country, Liechtenstein has six number in this list And maybe heard about this country. But this country has a 1st number by the GDP (gross domestic product), and this contains this country contains 160 square km but. Its Beautiful german’s island which has a huge number of mountains, but there is no airport. But its famous with the name of beauty and this country has more than 37,132 people.

5-San Marino 61 Square KM

 the smallest island in the world

        San Marino has ranked in the five number of top 10 smallest country and island which contain 61 Square km in the middle of Italy. Its also known as the Oldest country in the world, and this country has 32,576 total population.

4-Tuvalu 26 Square KM

            Tuvalu is also known as an Ellice Islands. And this country has a different name for their beauty, and there has a 10,837  total number of people. This is the 4th smallest country which contains just 26 square km.

3-Nauru 21 Square KM

Top Ten Smallest Countries Beautiful Island Most Beautiful Islands

          Nauru is a 3rd smallest country and island which contain in just one island.this is a beautiful country which famous in the name of Pleasant island and this country have 9,378 total number of population and Yaren is a capital of Nauru.

2-Monaco 2.02 Square KM

Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands

           In the list of top 10 smallest islands and country, Monaco has the 2nd number in this list its covers at just 2.02 sq km This country also known in the name of Principality of Monaco. And this is located Western Europe  French Riviera, and the total number of the population is 36,317 this is a beautiful country a lot of people have come here, and they enjoy.

1-Vatican 0.44 Square KM

      The Vatican Is the smallest country and smallest island in the world.

           This country is located in Rome city, and it just contains 0.44 square km, and this country has 842 total people of the population, and if you want to wank, you can visit this country by walk.

This was the list of top 10 smallest country and top 10 most minor beautiful islands. Now, you want to visit these countries…………..

Where you want to go…..?



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